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Welcome!   Here's My Story

From Exploring Exotic Options Trader to a Financial Engineer

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Trader Analyst


Managing $250,000

Discover   My Journey

 Hey there! I'm Prudhvi Reddy, Muppala. First off, thank you for dedicating a few precious minutes of your time—valuable as painite—to hear my story. I promise it will be an interesting one.

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BBA in Finance

My fascination with financial markets began in undergrad (2015) with a class on International Trade Economics. This curiosity led me to discover "Exotic Options" and dive deep into understanding market dynamics. My extensive research and enthusiasm soon made me a recognized figure in my university, paving my way to a job at HDFC Securities as a Sales & Trader before graduating.

HDFC Securtities

HDFC Securities

Sales & Trader

It was my first foray into the financial corporate world, and what an introduction it was. From trading in derivatives to educating clients on currency markets, I got to explore the 360° view of financial products. Achieving top sales in Portfolio Management Service and being celebrated as the Derivatives Champion were just a few of the milestones I hit, among many others.

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Coffee & Tea Exports

Side Business

Parallel to my professional journey, I developed a keen interest in the export world of coffee and tea, industries where India commands a significant market share. This venture wasn't just about business; it was about connecting with people, learning from their experiences, and developing an entrepreneurial spirit that later saw me starting my own venture in small-scale exports as a side business, which proved to be an enriching experience.

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Morgan Stanley

Trading Analyst

My career journey continued at Morgan Stanley, where I joined as a Trading Analyst in the ISG Products Team. Working in this environment was another fantastic experience, where I learned about institutional trading and provided prime brokerage services to hedge fund clients. My hard work and dedication led to a promotion to Senior Analyst. Meanwhile, I delved into Institutional Research and Technical Analysis, earning the Charted Market Technician - Level II certification and becoming a Certified Technical Analyst (CFTe). I applied these skills to Indian Index Derivatives, enhancing my trading proficiency.

Morgan Stanley
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Watermelon Production

Side Project

Despite my responsibilities at Morgan Stanley, my curiosity for side projects remained. Along with friends, I ventured into watermelon farming, producing 150 tons per crop. To support and thank the local farmers who guided us, we sold our produce at an average price, allowing them to earn a premium in the market.


In Financial Engineering

Before pursuing my Master's in Financial Engineering (Financial Mathematics) to further explore the financial markets, I enrolled in an Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading. Currently, I'm studying at Stevens in Hoboken, NJ, where I'm exploring the latest technologies and methodologies in the market, including Quantitative Algorithmic Trading and Statistical Analysis. Alongside my studies, I've participated in various Trading Challenges, managing Proprietary Funded Trading Accounts with current assets worth $250,000.

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I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of my journey and am eager to give back to the trading community in any way possible. I'm also open to discussions on finance, and potential collaborations, kind enough to consider me for job opportunities, or simply want to say hi, I'm all ears. Reach out to me here.


Work Experience and Projects

Skilled Finance professional specializing in trade executions, portfolio management, and analysis, dedicated to fostering growth and client success.

Work Experience

Work Experience

Morgan Stanley.jpeg

Morgan Stanley

Senior Trading Analyst, Bangalore, IN

2019 - 2021

As an ISG Prime Brokerage Trader Analyst at Morgan Stanley, I supported hedge fund clients with crucial services including securities lending, leverage and margin financing, and trade execution. I managed the clearing, settlement, and custody of assets and provided risk management insights. Additionally, I offered clients advanced reporting and analytical tools. This role significantly enhanced my expertise in financial markets and prime brokerage, directly contributing to client success.


HDFC Securities

Sales and Trader, Bangalore, IN

2018 - 2019

As a Sales & Trader professional, I specialized in handling a broad array of financial instruments such as Equity Shares, ETFs, Currency, Derivatives, IPOs, Mutual Funds, SIP, and more. My expertise lay in executing strategic trades and offering top-notch client service. Key achievements included optimizing portfolio growth through financial strategies, managing high net-worth stock portfolios, surpassing annual targets in half the time, and providing market insights in collaboration with research teams.


BlackScholes Pricing Model

Python: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, yfinance, Scipy, Plotly, Seaborn

Front End: Streamlit Cloud, CSS, GitHub

Developed and Explored the Black-Scholes pricing model to value European options, focusing on its mathematical underpinnings and practical applications in financial markets. Analyzed its impact on option pricing and trading strategies, enhancing understanding of market dynamics and risk management techniques.

VaR - Value at Risk Calculator

Python: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, yfinance, Scipy, Altair, Plotly


Front End: Streamlit Cloud, CSS, GitHub

Developed and refined Value at Risk (VAR) models to quantify and mitigate financial portfolio risks, significantly enhancing decision-making and portfolio management strategies. This dual-focused project elevated risk assessment practices and informed strategic investment decisions.

Explore projects on Algorithmic Trading Strategies, Binomial Pricing Model,
Commodity Seasonality Patterns, and more on my GitHub page.


Quick Facts

Professional Certifications

Years of Trading Experience


Worth Funded Account

Key Milestones

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  • Initiated financial career at HDFC Securities, rapidly advancing to manage premier Portfolio Management Services.

  • As Senior Analyst at Morgan Stanley, I elevated prime brokerage services and solidified hedge fund client relationships.

  • Acquired CMT-Level II and CFTe, enhancing Index Derivatives analysis.

  • Launched entrepreneurial ventures in coffee & tea exports alongside innovative watermelon production.

  • Oversaw proprietary trading accounts with $250,000 in funds, applying sharp market strategies and risk control.

    My passion for trading and financial markets fuels my continual pursuit of innovation and excellence.


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Whether you're a fellow student, a professional looking for collaboration, kind enough to consider me for job opportunities, or just wanting to say hi, I'm all ears. Let's connect and explore the fascinating world of finance together.

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